How to use Office 2016 and Infopath 2013 together in Office 365 (eng – ENG)

InfoPath is the desktop application of Microsoft and is used to create smart forms.These created forms are published in SharePoint Online.Because of it,InfoPath is one of the most important application for SharePoint developers. 

Office 365 users who have Office Pro Plus subscriptions can use InfoPath app.In E3 plans,users have Office Pro Plus service.So they can use also InfoPath.But Microsoft has announced that they will not develop InfoPath after Office 2013 and it hasn’t been seen in Office 2016.If the user has Office 2016 ant he wants to use InfoPath,then he has to use InfoPath in Office 2013.InfoPath 2013 can be downloaded standalone by the users who have Office Pro Plus credit.They need to do the necessary process in Office 365 portal.

As you see in figure below,they need to download in Settings tab then click Software in Office 365 portals.



Office packages can be downloaded under Office Software tab and tools and add-in’s can be downloaded under “Tools and add in” part.These are the products like Office 365 Support and Recovery Assistant, InfoPath 2013 and SharePoint Designer 2013.InfoPath 2013 will also be downloaded in this process with “download and install” option and will be ready to use.




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