Offline Outlook Web App (eng – ENG)

Another innovation from Office 365!!! It is possible for desktops and laptops to receive e-mails without internet connection by Outlook Web App. We couldn’t even search in web-browsers w/out internet but now, it is possible to receive e-mails and to organize the calendar. You need Outlook Web App offline mode feature to use this. While Outlook Web App is working in offline mode, if you connect to internet, the users will automatically be online. To use this feature, users need Internet Explorer 10, Safari 5 or Chrome 24 web browsers at least. While using the offline mode, there are some restrictions not enabled. Users can use the features below in offline mode ;

-Users can receive e-mails and reply them.

-Users can send e-mails.

-Users can see their calendar and organize it.

-Users can reply their Meeting Request. They can see their contacts and organize them.

To activate Outlook Web App offline mode,you need to go on with settings of Outlook option in Office 365 portal or with “Offline Settings” in Options tab.


If you choose “Turn on offline access”,received e-mails will be kept in this computer and will be able to reach without internet connection. Choose “Yes” option.


When you activate it, web browser can ask for more memory. In this condition, choose “Yes”.  If you provide this memory in offline mode, it will work more stable.


It will be easier to reach Outlook Web App offline mode if you add it to “Favorites” tab.You can use CTRL+D shortcut for this.


As you see in diagram,to use Outlook Web App in offline mode,you need to choose “OK” option.







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