OneDrive for Business TroubleShooting (eng- ENG)


With one of the services served by Office 365,OneDrive for Business,it’s been necessary for users to have unlimited spaces by the user’s side. Users can deploy all their personal documents in OneDrive Business, so they can connect to them from everywhere.Even with Office 365 portals or mobile apps,they can connect and sync their documents by setting up OneDrive for Business apps to their computer.

Troubleshooting solutions which is in OneDrive for Business side being used interactively by the users, is an important point for the IT employees.You can find many sources about these solutions. As following the Microsoft Ingite contents,you can also access Troubleshooting links for guides and IT employees here ;

To access Initial Sync Setup Guide for OneDrive for Business ;;en;3753&showpage=1

While using OneDrive for Business,there are some limits for files.You can find the details in this link ;

To keep the OneDrive for Business App updated,you can follow the steps in this link;

If you have a problem while using OneDrive for Business,first step must be fixing the connection problem.You can use the link below about this;

After this step,you must end the sync in OneDrive for Business and then restart it.You can use the links below;

If the problem is going on after these steps, then you can use OneDrive for Business Sync Issues Troubleshooter. See the link below;;en;3790&showpage=1



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