The Easy Way to Learn Powershell about SharePoint Online and Office 365 (eng – ENG)

As known, most of the services of IT world like Windows, Office 365, Skype For Business, SharePoint can be managed by PowerShell commands. More than managing, it can also automated the actions in business. But it can be difficult to learn PowerShell commands. Actually,you can think PowerShell like a sentence with verbs and nouns. According to every service, verbs and nouns may change. Verb shows the process which IT employee wants to do and noun shows this process is done, where and whom. This can be done with Windows PowerShell for SharePoint Command Builder. User must choose the product under products part which he wants to learn the commands about. After the choice,verbs and nouns will appear about this product.When the werb is chosen,it is sent to Design Surface part.Also noun is chosen as verb.After the necessary settings are chosen,the prepared command need to be copied by “Copy to Clipboard”.You can clean dashboard by “Clear Design Surface”.So the other settings can be done.As you can understand by using,the product is “User Friendly” and last users can adapt easier and faster.So IT employees can learn PowerShell commands and use them in their business to make it easy.






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